• 55''

Design Point

  • DIVX+ HD
  • Dolby Digital plus
  • Eco-friendly
  • EMR200Hz


  • iSmart TV
  • iSmart: Anycategory
  • C-Store
  • Full Web Browser
  • Free Share
  • Wireless Built-in
  • Up-Scaling
  • Function
  • Specification
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iSmart TV

So Fast So Easy Channel classification, Get what you want fast.

iSmart: Anycategory

Thanks to the multi-screen technology, live programs can be easily classified into different lists from mobile devices when the TV is connected to the Internet or to a digital drodcast. So watching a program on TV is as simple as ordering a song in KTV, you do not need the remote control. So it's easy and quick to find your favorite programs.


CHANGHONG C-Store was developed on cloud technology, an app store designed for smart TV users; It contains nearly a thousand globalization and localization of online applications such as audio and video, online shopping, games, information.

Full Web Browser

The new tools with the innovated functions improve the webpage browse mode and browse experience. You can also personalize your own browse mode as you like.

Free Share

With Free Share you can connect all of your compatible AV devices wirelessly, so that you can spend more time on relaxing and enjoying your digital contend.

Wireless Built-in

Wi-Fi is an internet technology that can help users access to email, Web, streaming media and broadband wireless. At the same time, it is also a fast and convenient way to go surfing the internet at home, in the office or on the journey.


Upgrade all lower resolution media to a stunning near ultra high-definition experience with enhanced detail and optimized picture quality.


Divx is a digital multimedia compressed format that the audio compressed with MP3, video compressed with MPEG-4 technology, which makes the memory capacity bigger, the compress ratio, and sound quality better.

Dolby Digital plus

It is a successor to Dolby Digital (AC-3), also developed by Dolby, and has a number of improvements including support for a wider range of data rates (32kbit/s to 6144kbit/s), increased channel count and multi-program support (via substreams).


ECO-Friendly TV, less components and more joy. Changhong LED TV is an environment-friendly TV that greatly reduced unnecessary components. With advanced power-saving technologies, the TV delivers stunning pictures and sound while conserves less energy than traditional one.


Optimized Image processing and Backlight controlling, dramatically improve the motion image quality, dynamic contrast ratio and sharpness.


IP TV integrated over 1500 channels worldwide program.